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Applications for the Class III


Facial Growth Modification

Skeletal anchorage can be used to modify the growth of the jaws.

In class III children with a prominent chin, Bollard Miniplates can be inserted in the posterior part of the upper and in the anterior part of the lower jaw.

A continuous traction is applied through elastics fixed between the upper and lower miniplates. This results in a restriction of the growth of the lower jaw and a stimulation of the growth of the upper jaw. These growth changes reduce the prominence of the chin.

More information can be found on www.lesschin.com.



All Class III require rearranging the teeth after repositioning the jaws. The use of the Bollard Miniplates as orthodontic bone anchors allows an easy treatment for distalization, mezialization and intrusion of teeth.

The Bollard Miniplates


Three designs for all situations

Standard Bollard (BH series)

The straight plate is the preferred design for patients with normal anatomy and bone quality at the maxillary buttress. 

The upper plate is 21 mm long with 3 holes.  For the mandible the miniplate is 16 mm long and contains 2 holes.

The intra-oral part contains a hook to fix orthodontic elastics, springs or ligatures.  An 0.018”x0.025” tube allows the fixation of orthodontic auxiliaries.

Bollard with Hook Short (PED series)

This shorter plate is indicated for the maxilla when there  is doubt about the quality of the bone and the surgeon want to place the implant closer to the teeth.

The total length is 18 mm long with 3 holes.

Y-shape Bollard (Y series)

Bollard with hook combined with a Y-shaped plate.

This special form combined with a soft grade of titanium allows a close fit to the maxillary buttress when bone quality or quantity is limited.

The Y shaped miniplate has 3 holes and is 19 mm long.



Our commitment to healthcare professional and patients

Quality and safety of our products is top priority for Tita-Link.

We maintain a close relationship with orthodontists for gathering knowledge and providing sponsoring for their research. This long term and trustful partnership led to the development of the Bollard Miniplates which is today considered as the most successful system for treating Class III malocclusion in young patients.

We believe that training healthcare professionals can help to provide better care to patients. We therefore support the Bollard Course project (www.bollardcourse.com) which is dedicated to making scientific material available to orthodontists and surgeons.



All products are manufactured in Europe under strict quality control. Tita-Link holds ISO 13485 certification.

The Bollard miniplates are CE marked since 2001 and FDA cleared since 2009.



Bollard Miniplates

Standard Bollard – BH

Short Bollard – PED

Y-shape Bollard – Y


Bollard Screws


  • DSSA05: D 2.3 mm, L 5 mm
  • DSSA07: D 2.3 mm, L 7 mm


  • AI05: D 2.3 mm, L 5 mm
  • AI07: D 2.3 mm, L 7 mm


Bollard Instruments

  • IT0315: Osteosynthesis screwdriver
  • IT1013: Twist drill 1.65 mm
  • IT3005: Inox container
  • IT3012: Box for screws
  • IT4100: Screwdriver for blocking screw (B series)
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